Love Christmas Love Canberra | Click Here for Info!
Love Christmas Love Canberra | Click Here for Info!

Esther’s Voice

 Esther’s Voice Prayer

The most important and effective way for you to be involved is through prayer. Prayer is accessible to everyone and can be done from anywhere, however together, let’s stand and watch the Kingdom take ground.
We would love for you to come join the Esther’s Voice prayer team, once a month in the crèche of C3 Church Monash. Please register your interest for upcoming prayer dates.
To read more about Esther’s Voice, go to Kubala Ministries.

Esther’s Voice Gift Bags

The majority of these Cambodian women would not even posses such a bag, let alone be given a beautiful gift with no strings attached, this is love in action…..this is our moment to bring change.
It’s such a privilege to be part of bringing joy, worth and value to these women.
If you would like to be a part of changing lives by making Esther’s Voice Gift Bags (EVGB), then please Register your interest on the ‘Contact’ page and the Esther’s Voice team can help you get started on this wonderful journey bringing smiles to the women of Cambodia.